Dylan Phillips, REALTOR®

Dylan Phillips AZ

Before making the daring move into real estate, Dylan Phillips spent a majority of his career working many facets of the entertainment industry. He has worked on stage, behind the scenes and even in production management for a wide variety of live entertainment.

Born and raised in Northern California, Phillips started his dedication to athletics at the age 6 years old, and ultimately became a nationally ranked gymnast by the age of 20, competing in in local, State and Jr. Olympic Nationals.  His acrobatic experience, combined with a desire for adventure, took him all over to world as an acrobat and live stunt performer for a wide variety of companies including Disney and Cirque du Soleil.

Moving to Gilbert, in 2004, Phillips continued to travel as the National Tour Manager for several concerts throughout the United States.  Between tours he was persistent in his search for local properties to open a small business in the East Valley.  Through this search and eventual challenges with opening his own business he was able to expand his knowledge of real estate and developed a desire to become an Arizona Realtor®.

A small business owner, and proud resident in the East Valley since 2004, he has had strong ambition and self-motivation to excel in his industry. Trust, loyalty and determination have been the core principals of his diverse body of work, no matter what industry he is working.  His ability to understand individuals and help them achieve their goals has been a trait seen throughout his career.  Often acknowledged for his hard-work ethic and strong values, Dylan Phillips, will make a dependable agent for anyone looking for a representative that will soar to great heights to fulfill your real estate needs.