Debra Trevino Realtor®

debra-trevinoCongratulations! You’re already making the right decision to peruse Century 21 Platinum for your Real Estate needs.

You’re bright. You’re intelligent…I’m guessing that you’ve probably already scoured the internet for your next home, retreat or investment. It can be daunting. Is it keeping you up at night? Stressing you out? It doesn’t have to.

Buying or selling a home, be it your first or 50th IS stressful. It’s one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you’ll make. Who has time for errors or waste? Not you!

Unburden that undue stress, with me as your Real Estate Professional. Together we’ll discuss what your goals, unique requirements and desires are. Based upon your needs, we’ll develop a plan that will allow me to navigate you to your dream home. I am also an Interior Decorator, “Debra Decor.” I can assist you in staging, decluttering and or transforming your space into your next elegant retreat.

I grew up in Arizona, but I’ve had the privilege of living throughout the United States to include Hawaii, Southern, Central and Northern California, as well as Tennessee and Mississippi. Between you and I, Arizona is second to none. Our cost of living, thriving new developments, outstanding school districts, nearly perfect, picturesque weather-we have it all. Let’s go get you your next house and make it your home!

My formal education resides in Marketing / Public Relations (Bachelor of Arts degree) as an Event Planner, Editor, Publicist and Speech Writer. My passion for interior decorating began at birth. My thirst and experience for travel have expanded my perspectives and appreciation for the way we live and enrich our lives. It’s a privilege for me to create spaces no matter the size into your personal, private oasis.

It’s a big step buying or selling your home, but you’re not alone. This journey is exciting and boundless. Isn’t it time you made the right move? Let’s do it together…your Real Estate adventure awaits!

Debra Trevino
instagram: @debradecor